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Pakume Itaalia tootja professionaalseid kappvoodite mehhanisme. Piltidel olevad kapi osad komplekti ei kuulu ja on illustreeriva iseloomuga!

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1) V+P amortidega hing

2) voodipõhi lippidega

3) uste hinged



ALì CASTELLO_Bunk bed with manual pull down

With the same logic of Alì, Pessotto Reti presents a functional hideaway bunk bed, characterized by its simple balanced manual pull down.
It is available in versions:
• Bunk 2 beds 87×200 cm

On request Alì bunk bed can be provided with special protections with junction, that enables the protection rail to be folded on the bed. No removal, while closing, is required.

The system is supplied with its supporting ladder and fix side protection rail (mandatory elements).

Alì bunk bed available also in plus version, made with Otis as a lower bed.


Folding side, head/foot protections rail (optional)


Standard ladder


Otis bed


Single size horizontal



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kapp-narivoodi mehhanism ALI Castellokapp-narivoodi mehhanism ALI Castello