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Kappvoodi mehhanism ALI vertikaalne

Hind 369.00 €
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Kappvoodi mehhanism ALI.

Pakume Itaalia tootja professionaalseid kappvoodite mehhanisme. Piltidel olevad kapi osad komplekti ei kuulu ja on illustreeriva iseloomuga!

Komplekt sisaldab:

1) V+P amortidega hing

2) voodipõhi lippidega

3) uste hinged

4) võimalus juurde tellida diivani mehhanismi

Mõõdud Hind KM-ta Hind KM-ga
cm 87 x 202 369,00 € 442,80 €
cm 92x202 383,00 € 459,60 €
cm 122x202 442,00 € 530,40 €
cm 142x202 475,00 € 570,00 €
cm 162x202 480,00 € 576,00 €
cm 182x202 489,00 € 586,80 €



ALì_Hide-away bed with manual pull-down

Alì is a functional hide-away bed with a smooth balanced manual pull-down.
For cabinets for inside closing front.
Available in three versions:
• Single size vertical 87×200 – 102×200 – 122×200 cm
• Single size horizontal 87×200 cm
• Double size 142×200 – 162×200 – 182×200 cm
Some sizes can be completed by a collapsible sofa or table set.
for 122 – 142 – 162 – 182 cm

Some Alì models can be equipped with a collapsible sofa set.
The sofa is made of a metal structure, with folding mechanisms and bayonets, which will be fixed to the front panel of the cabinet.

The sofa seat is made of a sturdy electrowelded grid, no upholstery or panels included.
The sofa set is completely collapsible and no cushions have to be removed.


Set sofà


Sturdy electrowelded grid

Alì’s sofa opening and closing with no effort, thanks to its special necessary gas springs.


Patented gas springs

Exclusively manufactured in Europe, the gas springs use by Pessotto Reti are all of highest quality and performance, granting a long efficiency.
Developed to grant a smooth pull-down and closing, with a nearly insignificant effort by the user.

The mechanisms can be covered by special polymere cover lids, which can be varnished (optional).
Alì can be equipped with standard gas springs or, on request, with adjustable gas springs Deluxe.


Adjustable gas springs


Special polymere cover

Alì’s peculiarity is its automatic self-positioning feet, which disapear inside the cabinet, while closing.