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Kappvoodi mehhanism Genius vertikaalne

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Kappvoodi mehhanism Genius.

Pakume Itaalia tootja professionaalseid kappvoodite mehhanisme.

Piltidel olevad kapi osad komplekti ei kuulu ja on illustreeriva iseloomuga!

Komplekt sisaldab:

1) V+P amortidega hing

2) voodipõhi lippidega

3) uste hinged

Mõõdud Hind KM-ta Hind KM-ga
cm 90x200 538,00 € 645,60 €
cm 120x200 585,00 € 702,00 €
cm 140x200 646,00 € 775,20 €
cm 160x200 655,00 € 786,00 €
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GENIUS_Hide-away bed with manual pull-down

Genius is a functional hideaway bed with an easy balanced manual pull-down, for cabinets with door closing on the cabinet’s body.
Its peculiarity is the push-pull footboard opening, that gives an aesthetically essential bed with no handles.
Available in two versions:
• Single size vertical 90×200 – 120×200 cm
• Double size 140×200 – 160×200 cm

Practical and functional, the push-pull mechanism of Genius footboard panel avoids handles or knobs for its pull-down.


Push-pull opening


Gas springs

With Genius the bed’s aesthetic becomes essential with no need to fix handles

Genius is equipped with a mechanism with adjustable gas springs Deluxe.
Conceived by Pessotto Reti and developed in collaboration with Stabilus Bmbh, worldwide producer based in Germany.
In synergy with Stabilus Research and Development laboratory, this absolutely innovating and unique patented adjustment system has been created. This system gives you the possibility to change the force of traction of the gas spring, to minimize the efforts and further facilitating the pull-down, in relation with the different requirements.
The mechanisms can be covered by special polymer cover lids, which can be varnished (optional).


Essential Design


Gas springs and polymer cover

Genius is provided with an innovative footboard panel (patented), which has at the same time the function of closing and supporting the bed.
The front panel is positioning automatically.

The lower flip panel is positioning automatically to support the bed while pulled down.

PRGenius07 B

Patented footboard

PRGenius08 B

Lower flip panel patented


Single size vertical



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