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Kappvoodi mehhanism Otis horisontaalne

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Kappvoodi mehhanism Otis.

Pakume Itaalia tootja professionaalseid kappvoodite mehhanisme. Piltidel olevad kapi osad komplekti ei kuulu ja on illustreeriva iseloomuga!

Komplekt sisaldab:

1) V+P amortidega hing

2) voodipõhi lippidega

3) uste hinged

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cm 87 x 200 528,00 € 633,60 €
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OTIS_Sistema letto/scrittoio

Otis system and fusion system for bed / disappearance, with a convenient front panel for balancing the profiles in 40 x 40 mm.
It is available in the versions:
• Single 87 × 200 cm

Plan bed with slats

Rubber corner


Desk always ready to use, when opening / closing, the desk top never changes its inclination.
The constant maintenance of the horizontality of the floor allows the user to open and close the bed without having to remove the objects on the desk.


Otis, in the Plus version, it can be combined with Alì castello.



PRDisOtis01 ok Tab

L – Structure width
H – Structure height
P – Depth of structure
LI – Larghezza interna
HI – Internal width
SS – Thickness min. side

SA – Thickness max
Kg – Kg mattress
l1 – Profondità ingombro
l2 – Depth of space
HT – Table height
PT – Depth of the table

All dimensions are intended in mm where not otherwise indicated

N.B. The total measures of the structure may vary depending on the height of the adjustable feet and the thickness of the sides


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