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Thermofelt - Antislide

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Antislide Thermofelt®

anti-slip fabric for furniture and mattress industry

Main characteristics:

  • PP needlepunched nonwoven with an antislip face
  • the antislip side can be made by small dots (or similar patterns) or with a uniform coated surface
  • maximum production width 1600 mm
  • available colors: white, beige, brown, black, grey, anthracite
  • available weights: 100 - 120 gsm
  • customized version available with trademarks or logos

Main advantages:

  • even distribution of the anti-slip layer all along the roll
  • strong and long lasting anti-slip effect
  • high durability of all components
  • lower price compared to equivalent products
  • odorless, resistant to mold, insects, microorganisms
  • easy to handle and cut, flexible
  • eco-friendly and recyclable

Main applications:

The product can be used as an anti-slip layer on the upper side of the bed base or on the bottom side when manufacturing double beds. The fabric can be applied in strips or on the whole surface.

The fabric is used as an anti-slip layer on the bottom side of the back leather cushion to avoid any slippery on the seat leather cushion.