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FR Thermofelt®

flame retardant fabric for furniture and automotive industry

Main characteristics:

Edilfloor FR products for the automotive and furniture industry are made of 100% polypropylene fibers and are 100% recyclable. Edilfloor manufactures flame retardant needlepunched fabrics tested according to BS 5852-1/79 (schedule 4-part II and schedule 5-part III) for upholstery and furniture: the products are tested once every 6 months in several European laboratories.

FR Thermofelt® is also manufactured for the automotive industry: it matches the severe FMV SS302 test with a very low flame failure occurrence. A specific process control method and a very strict reaction plan are stated in accordance with Edilfloor customers requirements.

Main advantages:

  • very low FR failure occurrence
  • high durability of all the additives
  • high chemical resistance
  • FR additive halogen free
  • odorless, resistant to mold, insects, microorganisms
  • easy to handle and cut, flexible
  • 100% PP and 100% recyclable

Main applications:

  • sewing and junction reinforcement
  • cushion reverse fabric
  • pull strips
  • inside lining
  • dust cover

Chemical resistance

PP fibres show great chemical performances with both acids and alkalis. Thermofelt® undergoes an accurate list of tests to check its chemical resistance: the absence of dimethyl fumarate and aromatic amines; the antibacterical and antifungal activity, IKEA IOS-MAT are some of the examples.

All Thermofelt® nonwovens have a fiber composition matching with REACH requirements.